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Your commitment to help conquer a disease that affects us all is an admirable one, but we know that raising the funds to get there doesn’t always feel easy. Especially when potential donors don’t know about Northern Pass, The Princess Margaret or the life-saving cancer research you are supporting when you raise funds.

Getting started early and letting people know why you’re participating will go a long way towards hitting your goal. Plus, we’ve created a few tips and tools to help. From fun social filters to stickers and more, all the resources you need for fundraising success are below.

Start with a Self-Pledge

Kickstart your own fundraising efforts and set a bar for how much others should donate. By contributing the first $50 or $100 towards your goal, potential donors will see that you’re invested in seeing it through. If they know you’re committed to the cause, they are more likely to help you get to the finish line.

Reach Out

Share photos, tap into wider conversations, and go global with your connection to the cause.
  • Step 1: Tell everyone you know.

  • Step 2: Use all platforms.

  • Step 3: Make it personal.

Share the Stats

Share some eye-opening stats with your network so they know exactly what they are investing in: a ride through Muskoka that will help save lives across Canada and around the world. Use them in emails, on social, or to start conversations about fundraising. The more we remind people of just how important the cause is, the more they will want to contribute.

  1. The Northern Pass supports life-saving cancer research at The Princess Margaret.
  2. When supporting the Northern Pass, you are advancing cancer care for patients across Canada and around the globe.
  3. Hundreds of Canadians will come together to fuel life-saving cancer research at this year’s Northern Pass to Conquer Cancer event.
  4. We ride together for everyone who has ever been touched by those cancers. Our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, neighbours, friends…

Use the Social Toolkit

Use these custom social tools to get your message out there in a fun and engaging way. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #NorthernPass2Conquer when posting on social so that we can see, support and reshare your ride progress along the way!

Wear Your Helmet!
Use this Northern Pass helmet filter when sharing stories or reels. Tell people why you are participating and encourage them to donate. Using it is easy:
  1. Start an IG or FB story.
  2. Click ‘Browse effects’ and Search ‘NorthernPass2Conquer’.
  3. Add a donation link so supporters can click through (just copy and paste your personal fundraising page url).

From your phone, use these links (Instagram, Facebook) to add the filter to your story. Save the filter for quick access by clicking the bookmark icon beside the filter name.


Stick It to Your Social Stories
We all know a picture is worth 1000 words, add these one-of-a-kind Northern Pass stickers to create interest and add meaning to every shareable moment. Simply search ‘NorthernPass2Conquer’ on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok to access our custom sticker pack.

Share Your Progress
Add this custom badge to your email signature and share fundraising progress with your supporters! It’s always attached as long as you have it linked and will continue to update your fundraising total in real time to show friends and family how close you are to your goal.

View the setup instructions* for Participant Centre emails, Gmail, Outlook, and Facebook and LinkedIn.

*Please note that email setup support for Gmail and Outlook, as well as support for social media is not available. If you need help with your Participant Centre features, please contact us at

Use Facebook Fundraising
It’s another great way to get your network behind Northern Pass. Plus, the tool is already built into The Facebook platform and easy to use. Click here to get started.

Note: Facebook can take up to six weeks to let us know the total amount fundraised. To ensure your efforts are reflected accurately on your personal fundraising page ASAP, please fill out this form.

*Funds will be listed as ‘Facebook Fundraiser’ on your honour roll.

If you have any questions at any time, please reach out to our Northern Pass Navigators by using the contact info at the bottom of this page.


You’ve Got This

If you don’t see a lot of traction after your first ask, don’t let it get you down! Timing is everything and you may find that potential donors are simply waiting to donate or need a gentle reminder to make their contribution.

If at first you don’t succeed, do not be afraid to try again. We are always here to help! Reach out anytime by using the email below or find more answers to fundraising questions here.

Fundraise Offline Too

Do your friends and family prefer to donate without using the internet?
Download our offline individual rider donation form here or the team donation form here.
For other alternative ways to receive donations check out our FAQ page.



Join Northern Pass to Conquer Cancer.