Northern Pass 2021 Frequently Asked Questions



Online Check In

Why do I need to Check In Online?
What if I check in but have not raised enough in donations to qualify for the jersey or Ambassador rewards?
If I do not make a Deferred Self-Pledge and ultimately reach Ambassador status, will I receive the Ambassador kit?
Can I cancel my Deferred Self-Pledge?



Will Northern Pass be hosting a Ride in 2021?
How do I participate “virtually”?
What is the return to charity for Northern Pass?
How will I hear about updates regarding the impact COVID-19 is having on this event?
How do I join the Northern Pass Strava Club?



Is there a registration fee?
Can I change my route selection after registering?
Is there an age requirement to participate in Northern Pass? In NPV?
Is there a minimum amount I need to raise to participate?


Northern Pass Virtual

Is there a fundraising minimum for virtual riders?
How do I track my kilometres to participate in challenges?


The Participant Centre

What is the participant centre and how do I use it?



What are the fundraising requirements for 2021?
Is there a fundraising deadline?
I’m planning a fundraiser for later this year - should I continue to plan?



Should I join or organize a Peloton to participate in Northern Pass?
Will friends and family be able to cheer or celebrate at the start/finish line?
Will my virtual participation in 2020 count toward my 5-year recognition?
Will there be an official jersey for 2021?
My team is interested in ordering our own team jerseys. HELP PLEASE!


Online Check In