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Our uphill battle against cancer

Since 2017, this unique ride has raised an incredible $2.6 MILLION for the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. These funds provide the crucial resources required to overtake cancer and instill hope throughout the world.

  1. Detect
    Detecting cancers early leads to better outcomes. The Princess Margaret is working to develop new Molecular Imaging Technology that can see tiny cancers. They are also making advances with Biomarkers, indicators of cancer that can be detected through blood and serum tests.
  2. Diagnose
    The Princess Margaret is testing new equipment and procedures which help determine the specific genetic mutation of a patient. This information helps doctors and researchers recommend the optimal combination of drugs and other therapies to treat the patient.
  3. Target
    Researchers, scientists, and doctors at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre are developing ways to make surgery, radiation, and drug treatments more targeted to the cells with cancer. This approach will leave healthy tissue intact and minimize side effects. New treatments such as Immune Therapy will help lead to better survival rates.
  4. Support
    The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre is working on programs and strategies to help patients living with cancer and their families to cope with the emotional and physical effects of cancer treatment. The award-winning survivorship, patient education, and psychosocial support programs help reduce stress and improve the overall patient experience.

Come ride with us.