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New for 2022

To thank you for helping the Princess Margaret conquer cancer, we’d like to help you meet or beat your fundraising goals.

Introducing the Northern Pass TEAM UP Rewards: Here’s a way to make your fundraising efforts less of an uphill climb.

How It Works:

  • TEAM UP by referring a new rider to the Northern Pass. “New” means they did not ride in the 2021 Northern Pass.
  • Make sure to tell the referred riders (your friends) to acknowledge your referral when they fill out this field during registration.
  • After they register and raise $50 by Friday, April 30th, you will both receive a $50 credit towards your fundraising.

There’s more! We want to recognize and celebrate those who have come together to TEAM UP this year. That’s why, all teams that have five or more riders by April 30th will have a kilometre of the route dedicated to their team. Registered teams that already have five or more riders automatically qualify.

With a little help from your friends, you’re going to have an unforgettable weekend.

Come ride with us.